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About Us


Our History

Creative Data, Inc was founded in November 2001.

Our team consists of both experienced professionals who have been working in this business for over 20 years and of diverse, young, creative and highly motivated newcomers.

This duality between experience and innovation, and between professional business sense and driving freshness, creates a secure foundation and an ability to pursue and adapt to new techniques and technologies.

Our relations with leading industrial enterprises in the United States as well as in Europe have given us the opportunity to build a healthy, solid business.

Our Philosophy

We believe that while information comes in many forms, it should be presented in a way that makes the content clear to the reader.

We understand the need to deliver a quality product, on time and within budget.

We know that one-size-fits all software doesn't always work for every document or project.

We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our clients in order to create a product that meets their needs.

Our Teams

Our main office is in Canton, near Detroit, MI, while our second team's headquarters is in Hürth, near Cologne, Germany.

Both teams work on solutions for publications, multimedia, training and technical support. We carry out these projects from the very first idea to the implementation of the final product.

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